Support research
on childhood diseases


For its 5th edition, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's "L'Ultime entraînement policier" challenges the Secondary 4 Students in order to support research on childhood diseases!

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Collège Laval, long-term partners, continue to find ways to devote themselves to the Foundation of Stars and help sick children.

The Ultimate Police Training Challenge is among the newest and certainly the sportiest of these activities! The challenge is offered to the students of Laval College and the Foundation of Stars is very proud to see them year after year ... a great example of perseverance!

Nearly 200 Collège Laval Secondary 4 students will gather on December 7 and 8 at Adrenaline Performance Centre to meet the challenge : train as police officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and raise funds to support the Foundation of Stars.

The result was breathtaking in 2016: the students raised close to $18,000! The challenge is a great way for everyone to keep in mind that common effort can lead very far. This unprecedented project works the muscles and the heart, and offers a young donor base to surpass limitations and develop team spirit in a venture to help a great cause.

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