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What is the Moi pour Toi challenge?

To give Québec a unique experience of surpassing yourself and motivation to support the Foundation of stars!

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Chantal Lacroix, launches the 3rd edition of the Défi SOS Santé - Moi pour Toi on 16 and 17 September 2017 for the Foundation of stars.

During this wonderful human adventure, 22 teams of 8 participants will run the 250 km between Montreal and Quebec City.

This year is really enthusiastic! The entries are complete and the teams have already raised more than $ 61,000. Today, they have already reached 71% of their target. A first in three editions!

The goal this year is to raise $ 88,000 for the Foundation of stars, which will be donated to scholars who stand out for the excellence of their innovative work. That's why the participants are really creative to raise funds, and stand out for their incredible involvement and generosity.

Whether it is to find the way to health, to surpass oneself, for a person of their entourage, all the motivations are good! Indeed, they are keen to contribute to advances in pediatric research to improve the daily lives of sick children and their families.

Every action counts and together we can make a difference!

To encourage teams, or make a donation click on the link: I make a donation