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06 October 2018

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Foundation of Stars dare you to participate in their exciting and unique Tough Mountie! See how well you do on one of the courses designed to simulate the training RCMP officers must undergo.

19 March 2018
Morin Hood!


Robin Hood is well known for stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Our spokesperson Maripier Morin, inspired by the fabled character’s heroic actions, decided to transform herself into the next best thing, a “Morin Hood”!

16 March 2018

The very first Scientific forum on obesity among children and youth will be held on May 31st at Montréal’s ITHQ (Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec).

12 March 2018

To underscore Nutrition Month, we would like to share the story of how Théo and his family confronted the issue of childhood obesity as well as highlight Clinique 180’s critical role in this regard. Maude Sirois, clinical nurse at Clinique 180 and coordinator of the Foundation of Stars Centre of Excellence on childhood obesity, shares Théo's story, followed by a touching testimonial from the boy’s mother, Marie-Claude.

11 December 2017

A pleasurable evening to celebrate the holidays, give thanks to all of our partners and volunteers, and celebrate our 40-year anniversary with a bang!