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Dr Julie St-Pierre and her Clinique 180 for the Prevention of Obesity

At a time when one in three children in Canada are overweight or obese, Julie St-Pierre, a Pediatrician specializing in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease, strives to find sustainable solutions. In addition to her research activities, Dr St-Pierre is currently working on the development of clinical management tools.

Since 2011, she manages the Clinique 180 in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, whose mission is to fight obesity among children and their families and thus prevent cardiovascular complications.

The approach of Dr. St-Pierre focuses essentially on accompanying methods. Nutritionists, Kinesiologists, Psychologists and Nurses combine their efforts to redefine healthy eating habits within families and they offer programs tailored to each of their needs. Patients should set small goals to reach, in order to enable them to regain self-esteem. The clinic stands out especially on the international scene by providing a long-term monitoring and advice in everyday life.

The innovative approach proposed by Dr. Julie St-Pierre’s team at Clinique 180 offers a success rate of 80%. But according to her, an awareness among doctors remains to be done so that obesity is recognized as a disease. And this recognition necessitates the redefinition of values in society, families and individuals who are affected by obesity.

Julie St-Pierre also provides her knowledge for the benefit of the American Heart Association within two assemblies. She is the first Canadian woman fulfilling the responsibilities of Chairwoman in communication for the Healthy Habits and Cardio-Metabolic Health Committee. The Association also has given her the opportunity of sharing her knowledge on the detection and treatment of hypercholesterolemia to doctors from around the world.

Finally, her expertise is rewarded with the award of several prizes in clinical research, for her scientific contribution and for a publication deemed to have a significant impact on cardiovascular medicine.

The Foundation of stars is closely following Dr St-Pierre and wishes to enhance her commitment to the prevention of childhood diseases.

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