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Mylène Tessier and Danny Rioux

Mylène Tessier and Danny Rioux both participated in the Défi SOS Santé - Moi pour Toi organized by Chantal Lacroix and Jimmy Sévigny on the 26th and 27th of September 2015. An experience that has transformed their lives....

Chantal Lacroix and Jimmy Sévigny launched an incredible challenge to the people of Quebec! What was your initial motivation to participate?

Mylène: Initially, I wanted to run again because last year I had a sprained foot that prevented me from training for a while. But running to run is not enough for me, I needed extra motivation that would compel me further and help me push myself. When I saw the Defi that Chantal Lacroix launched with Jimmy Sévigny on his Facebook page, I jumped at the chance! I knew it was an experience I did not want to miss, and that research into children's diseases was just the motivation that I needed.

Danny: I was not even going participate initially, but after helping my wife’s team during their training, I joined the event myself. And finally I loved the experience so much that I never left them. This weekend was amazing and I I do not regret joining the team!

How was your experience of the challenge itself?

Mylène: it was absolutely amazing to participate in this event. It is truly a unique experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to do something extraordinary. Months of training created a real team spirit, and working hard for the common good of helping sick children, there is nothing more fulfilling! Despite the difficulties, we became quite close and the team gave everything during the challenge.

Danny: for me, watching people improve their lifestyles, their eating habits, and their relationship to sport and exercise, that's what really impressed me! The Defi offered a real awareness and you could see the changes taking place: the participants of my team made serious efforts and went through a lot of introspection about their lifestyle, and I think it is a learning process that will follow them throughout their lives. Personally, after this Defi, I think I am a better coach and a better person.

What’s next?

Mylène: continue to run! I am so happy to have taken up this good habit and I will not stop anytime soon ... and that goes for the Foundation of Stars as well! I intend to invest my time and energy to further support sick children. I have a lot of ideas in mind and I am very excited to put them into practice. I want to make a difference and give back.

Danny: I am of the same opinion as my wife. It has allowed me to see that money is not as important as making efforts to help, which is immensely rewarding. Of course, we must provide for our own needs, but often there is a tendency to overdo it; but then we can put energy into a project to ensure that defenceless people have a chance to get better. It's an incredible opportunity that we have here. I am very grateful to my wife, the Foundation of Stars, Chantal Lacroix and Jimmy Sévigny for all that we have experienced over the last few months.

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