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At the Dominion Warehouses, TERCES, the 35th Great evening of stars was held on March 29th. An evening with the changing atmosphere between prohibition and neon, which like every year, helped pediatric research.

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Thanks to our 400 loyal accomplices for trusting us once again despite the limited information you had. Thanks also to the young professionals who embarked on this totally atypical project and made the party last until the morning! Thank you for allowing us to take up the great challenge of renew this event. Thanks to you all, we will be able to advance pediatric research.

A special thank you to our wonderful spokesperson and host of the evening Maripier Morin. We also thank Mr. Lionel Carmant - Member of Parliament for Taillon and Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services and Mr. Benoit Dorais, Chair of the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal and Mayor of the Sud-Ouest borough, for their presence.

Thanks to Milk & Bone for the exceptional private concert, as well as Dj TIZI and Dj Kleancut who brilliantly ignited the dance floor of TERCES.

Thanks to the charming Briannah Donolo, the talented Montreal Jazz Band for their superb performances. As well the dancers of Studio 88 Swing and Le Valet Shoe, which, with their perfomances, immersed us in the world of prohibition and made us relive the 30s.

Thanks to the Tribu Experiential team for the co-organization of the event, you have greatly contributed to the success of this beautiful evening!

Thanks to Parreira, Les Delices Lafrenaie Saint-Leonard, Blue & Parsley - Fromagerie de quartier and Café Lali that delighted the taste buds of our guests.

Finally, a big thank you to all our volunteers and our actors (you are wonderful) and to all those who participated in this event. Without you, this evening could not have seen the day! Together we are advancing research.

Do not forget "To confide a secret to others is to invite them to indiscretion." The collection of apophtegms and axioms (1855)

The pictures of the evening


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