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03 September 2020

Last March, we appealed to your generosity and many of you responded with all your heart. Thanks to you, the "Help Advance Pediatric Research on COVID-19 and Infectious Diseases" campaign raised $110,000! Discover phase 2 of our campaign and the three promising new projects.

16 April 2020

During this period of crisis linked to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, research takes on its full meaning. It is in the urgency of this pandemic that the Foundation of Stars is launching its first "in-house" campaign by setting up a fundraiser dedicated specifically to research on COVID-19 and infectious diseases.

13 February 2020

Yaya was a gentle and happy child born in 2015 with a deadly neurodegenerative disease that has no cure. Faced with a serious lack of information and resources, her parents had to rely on strength and determination in order to help their child.

01 January 2020

In 2020, help the Foundation of Stars to advance research. When the solution does not yet exist, the search engine that saves children's lives is you! And in life, as in hospitals, there are no results without research.

26 November 2019

To help Dr. Frédéric Dallaire's Canadian pediatric cardiology research network, Kiehl's is offering you a hand cream in the colours of the Foundation of Stars.