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An extra boost with the Comité Relève

They are young, already leaders in their field, and like the hundreds of volunteers involved with the Foundation of Stars, they want to make a difference in the lives of sick children: they are the members of our Comité Relève, whose mission is to increase the visibility of the Foundation and to set up fundraising events for young donors.

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Established in the spring of 2022, the Comité Relève is working to encourage young people to take part in charitable activities. And it works!

Networking & Pinotage: a great success On June 8th, the members of the Comité Relève had a great time - and raised their elbows high - during the 6@8 Réseautage & pinotage, with the theme of natural wines, held at the Buvette Pastek, a popular wine bar in Old Montreal. On this occasion, two hand-picked private import agencies offered attendees a memorable selection of natural wines, brilliantly accompanied by cheeses and charcuterie selected by the Buvette team. The activity achieved all its objectives: a successful fundraiser, a good time with friends and a pleasant opportunity for everyone to expand their network!

Take up the Bécanes et bottines Challenge! This fall, the Comité Relève is organizing the Défi corporatif Bécanes et bottines, a sports challenge that allows participating companies to engage in healthy competition. The idea is great: from October 7 to 21, 2022, the teams of each company must use the Strava application to accumulate as many kilometers as possible in running and biking... and this, of course, while also raising as much money as possible! The money raised will be used to fund mental health research projects