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Autism among women

A project by Professor Mélanie Couture of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Sherbrooke and researcher at the Research Center of the CHU de Sherbrooke.

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A growing number of researchers are of the opinion that the under-representation of women in studies on autism may have inadvertently created a vision of ASD as mostly impacting the male gender, affected the development of diagnostic tools and influenced how autism is viewed by society. Girls are generally diagnosed later in life, and often under-diagnosed, which has negative impacts on their mental health and the identity-building process.

This study, spearheaded by Prof. Mélanie Couture, a researcher with the CHU de Sherbrooke research centre and a member of the Faculty of medicine and health sciences at Université de Sherbrooke, seeks to learn more about autism among women and the impact of the disorder on their identity-building process. The research conducted will enable the identification of early markers of autism among women and thus prevent the introduction of strategies such as camouflage, which ultimately become obstacles to obtaining a diagnosis and providing quality care as of childhood!

To learn more about this project, watch this video in french featuring Prof. Mélanie Couture.

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