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Last March, we appealed to your generosity and many of you responded with all your heart. Thanks to you, the "Help Advance Pediatric Research on COVID-19 and Infectious Diseases" campaign raised $110,000! Discover phase 2 of our campaign and the four promising new projects.

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Thanks to you, the Help Advance Pediatric Research on COVID-19 and Infectious Diseases campaign raised $110,000 and will be used to support pediatric research projects, including that of Dr. Gagneur and Dr. Boucoiran's team, which was put forward in Phase 1 of our campaign. The data collected in this study is already being used to find solutions to study the effects of COVID-19 on children, newborns and pregnant women.

With the arrival of fall, we are proud to unveil Phase 2 of our Advance Research on COVID-19 campaign. We present three new and exciting research projects.

Research on the virus is also moving into another phase. With the data collected over the past few months, research teams are mobilizing to further their studies to prevent the consequences on the neurodevelopmental disorders of parents of babies born in the context of a pandemic.

Discover the three collaborative projects of Dr. Kakkar, Prof. Aurais-Blais and Prof. Roch.

To find out more : please consult the projects description.