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"Les Invincibles" Run for Jade

When Isabelle Héroux was brought to hear about the “Moi pour Toi” Challenge organized by Chantal Lacroix for the benefit of the Foundation of Stars, it was obvious to her that she must register.

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"It seemed to me that this event was created for Jade and me," she said.

Just a few months ago, Isabelle chose to embark on the adventure in order to highlight the courage and determination of her daughter Jade who is suffering from a heart disease.

This charity challenge is a relay race of 270 km between Montreal and Quebec, and it is dedicated to research on childhood diseases. However, in order to tackle such a challenge, Isabelle needed teammates and she sent out a cry from the heart to Chantal Lacroix via Facebook. Her message was a resounding success and 35 people showed interest.

Since that day, Isabelle has teamed with seven women ready to travel dozens of kilometers between Montreal and Quebec City on the 17th and 18th of September. Through this adventure, Isabelle understood that she could rely on the community of Val-d'Or where she lives with Jade and her family. Among the group members, six are women from her hometown region who are touched by Jade’s story and her daily struggle.

Jade was born with aortic stenosis and aortic valve insufficiency. Malformations within Jade’s heart cause dangerous cardiac instability for her life. Jade must avoid activities that can jeopardize her heartbeat. Since her birth, Jade is monitored by Specialists Physicians who seek to stabilize her heart with drugs. Unfortunately, the battle is not won. Last February, Jade received a third diagnosis that requires her to travel to Montreal every week. The life of this young teenage girl is more fragile than ever. And it is her daughter’s life fragility that motivates Jade’s mother and her partners to carry on their double challenge.

Isabelle is proud of the successful fundraising campaign she manages together with her team "Les Invincibles" and its golden spokesperson who is Jade herself! Within a few weeks, they have collected more than $8,000 while their goal is $4,000. In July, they are at the top of the ranking of 18 teams registered in the “Moi pour Toi” Challenge, with a total of $10,929 raised and the adventure is not yet over!

Everybody is involved body and soul by multiplying fundraising activities in their networks and neighborhoods. They are delighted by the generosity of donors and the involvement of their community.

All the members of the Foundation of Stars team hereby sincerely thank:
- Jade
- Isabelle Héroux
- Tracy Dupuis Mac Donald
- Isabelle Ringuette
- Emmanuelle Morin
- Stéphanie Veillette
- Annie Gauthier
- Ann Simard
- Stéphanie Dubé
- As well as all donors for their generosity!

  1. Laurence, 11 years old, a friend of Jade, has crafted handiworks, and she went door-to-door and raised $1,000 all by herself.
  2. Sheila Breton, Jade’s teacher and 7 classes within her high school participated in a Read-A-Thon (lire-o-thon).
    They raised $2,965.
  3. Patrick Sabourin organized a hockey tournament with firefighters and paramedics. He collected $800.
  4. Proposal for ponies tours in partnership with Seco Pony Club: $1,500 raised.
  5. The St-Hubert Foundation, through its representative Annie Gauthier (owner of the St-Hubert Rotisserie in
    Val- d'Or) donated $2,000 to "Les Invincibles".

Please have a look at the article published in French in L’Écho Abitibien.

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