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on childhood diseases

Longue Pointe Chrysler collected $13 000 for the Foundation of Stars

Longue Pointe Chrysler, friends and supporters of the Foundation of Stars since 2010, gave on January 26, $ 13,000 to the foundation to help sick children.

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The relationship between Longue Pointe Chrysler and the Foundation of Stars started 6 years ago when the child of an employee has unfortunately been affected by the disease. Desiring to support childhood diseases research, he proposed to the company to donate $ 1 to the Foundation of Stars for every oil change performed.

In six years, nearly $ 87,000 was given by Longue Pointe Chrysler! On behalf of all the sick children we thank you for this generous contribution and we are proud to count you among our partners and donors.

There is no small donations, every dollar counts!