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News from the Foundation of Stars Centre of excellence on childhood obesity

On May 29, 2018, the 1st Scientific Forum on the issue of childhood obesity was organized by the Foundation of Stars and Centre of Excellence on Childhood Obesity.

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Scolarship presentation, March 20, 2019, with Dr. Julie St Pierre; Dr. Marie Ève Mathieu; Dr. Natalie Alméras; Mrs. Louise Savoie; Josée Saint Pierre (President and CEO) and Mr. Alain Auclair (President of the Board)

Researchers and professionals from all fields interested in this public health issue came together to discuss, and ultimately, find lasting solutions to the childhood obesity epidemic. The forum allowed for the identification of major research priorities.

These orientations fall into three areas (personal and family, professional, societal) and were developed following the main concerns raised by the families who met with the professionals present at the forum.

As a result of this forum, CEFDE has awarded research grant for each areas. The scholarship winners are:

Focus #1 (personal and family) $7,500 Louise Savard The Self-Discovery Education Program: A Self- Management Tool to Help Overweight and Obese Children

Focus #2 (professional) $10,500 Dr. Natalie Alméras and Dr. Vicky Drapeau Validation Study on the Chidhood Obesity, Quality of Life Questionnaire (COQL)

Focus #3 (societal) $10,500 Dr. Marie-Ève Mathieu Moving at the right time during the school day for healthy body weight management

In addition, on April 25, 2019, Dr. Julie St-Pierre was awarded a certificate of merit from the Canadian Paediatric Society. This certificate, awarded each year, pays tribute to local heros who greatly contribute to helping improve the health of children and adolescents in their respective communities.