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TERCES, 35th Great Evening of Stars

TERCES, the 35th Great Evening of Stars, was held this past March 29th at the Dominion Textile warehouses! To celebrate its creation 35 years ago, the Foundation of Stars came up with a totally new type of event and encouraged the participation of younger persons interested in supporting pediatric research!

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Hosted by Maripier Morin, TERCES also featured guests such as Lionel Carmant, Minister for Health and Social Services and Member for Taillon, and Benoit Dorais, President of the City of Montréal’s Executive Committee and Mayor of the Sud-Ouest borough.

TERCES offered its guests an evening replete with secrets, in an evolving and mysterious setting. From the very outset, the entire event was shrouded in mystery, beginning with the location, which was kept secret until the very last minute.

All of the partners were sent clues to help them discover the password they would need to open the door to TERCES!

The first part of the evening consisted of an immersive experience set in the era of prohibition, when alcohol and gambling were strictly forbidden... and where businessmen, mafiosos and unsavoury characters would secretly meet to strike sometimes shady deals. The calm and jazz-inspired ambiance were in large part the work of Briannah Donolo, the Montréal Jazz Band and Studio 88 Swing dancers!

Starting at 9:30 p.m., younger guests were granted entry to TERCES, where they enjoyed a private concert by Milk & Bone, followed by a shift in atmosphere, as the lights were dimmed and a magical curtain fell, unveiling a neon-tinted decor, replete with colour! The dance floor was packed for the rest of the night, thanks to DJs Tizi and Kleancut.

This year, we wanted to repeat the event but while offering guests a different experience and also proposing activities that would attract young professionals. We would like to thank the 12 members of our up-and-coming committee who supported this new, youth-oriented objective and generously gave of their time to ensure its resounding success!

Thanks to:

  • Marie-Julie Allard, Ph.D. student, Neuroscience department, McGill University

  • Gabriel Charette, Auditor, KPMG

  • Clara Duvernay, student, HEC Montréal
  • Étienne Fournier, Auditor, KPMG
  • Catherine Moreau, Senior Advisor, Media Relations, BRP
  • Elizabeth Moreau, Strategic Relations Specialist, SSENSE
  • Danick Pichette, Auditor, KPMG
  • Hugo Prince, Alulu Technology
  • François Roussin, Auditor, KPMG
  • Nicolanne Sabourin, Project Manager, Tarzan Studio
  • David Siméon, Lawyer, Gestion Univalor s.e.c.
  • Clémence Tellier, responsible for social media, YPR

Your hard work greatly contributed to the evening’s resounding success.

A few words from up-and-coming committee member Gabriel Charette

> Hello Gabriel. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and explain how you first heard about the Foundation of Stars?

Hello, My name is Gabriel Charette and I’m an auditor with KPMG. I first heard about the Foundation of Stars from a partner at my firm who spoke to us about the up-and-coming committee’s search for young members to help plan the second half of the TERCES event. Because I believed in the Foundation’s mission of raising money for research into children’s diseases, I was more than happy to take part in this exciting adventure.

> Why did you decide to give of your time by sitting on the Foundation of Stars’ committee?

As mentioned above, the main reason, for me, was the Foundation’s mission. Children are the future, not to mention the people dearest to our heart, which leads many of us to want to help and support them in any way we can. This, in fact, is the primary reason why I decided to not only join the committee, but to also ask people in my professional circle to step up and share their ideas at the company’s bimonthly meetings. This led to the added bonus of spending time with these talented young professionals!

> What does the Foundation of Stars represent for you?

I consider the Foundation of Stars to be a beacon of scientific hope for the future.

> Given your support and contribution to the success of TERCES, how do you feel about the evening?

The evening was a resounding success! Because I had played a role in its organization, I asked the participants I knew for their opinion. All of the answers I received were in the same vein: “Wow!”, “Seamlessly organized evening. And what an incredible atmosphere!” and “Don’t forget to ask me to participate again next year!”. I firmly believe that the efforts made and the time spent helped ensure a spectacular event while also raising funds for the Foundation. Mission accomplished!