Support research
on childhood diseases

The Car for life program

The Car for life program was implanted by the ARPAC Foundation to help support health organizations.

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The ARPAC Foundation was created in 1995 and is the leader in the environmental recycling of end-of-life vehicles and the sale of recycled auto parts and trucks. of quality and controlled provenance.

The Foundation of star has partnered with Car for Life since 2012. To date, this program has raised $ 3,000 for pediatric research!

You too, participate in the car for Life program and advance pediatric research:

  • Click on "Make a donation" on the website or call 1-855-283-2722.

  • Choose the Star Foundation as a partner organization to whom the value of the vehicle will be awarded.

  • Enter the information about the car and its contact details.

  • Make an appointment for collection of the car.

So if you want to get rid of your self and support a good cause think of us!