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The Foundation recently had a hand in funding the **FIRST CANADA-WIDE PEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGY RESEARCH NETWORK.

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The Foundation of Stars has the privilege of working with researchers from all fields of expertise. In the coming months, we will share with you research projects on different axes of pediatric research. Thus you will discover a multitude of well-popularized scientific advances.

To celebrate February, which is Heart Month, we’ll be unveiling information on pediatric cardiology research and some of the most promising and exciting projects currently underway.


The result of these efforts? Over 40 cardiologists and researchers from 13 pediatric hospitals across the country joining forces and pooling their knowledge. This type of cooperation and sharing of knowledge is extremely beneficial to scientific advancement. In fact, why not share databases and allow other research centres to have access to vital information? Isn’t the overriding mission of all of these efforts one common goal? That of improving the cardiac health of children ? Working in silos is a thing of the past, replaced by researchers who are now working side by side. Thanks to the network created, research is now carried out at a much faster pace.

This network has a number of clear objectives, including:

  • Facilitating interinstitutional collaborative research.

  • Developing and introducing cross-Canadian research methods and protocols designed to promote the sharing of data.

  • Creating a standardized common data source as a means of speeding up the pace of research by avoiding the duplication of efforts.

  • Seeking out the involvement of multiple hospitals across Canada to both accelerate research efforts and make better use of knowledge through sharing and collaboration.

The network is currently responsible for seven collaborative research projects. One of these that is particularly worthy of note concerns the use of 3D models of the heart to plan and practice medical procedures; it is spearheaded by Dr. Kevin Harris from the BC Children’s Hospital [Lien vers le résumé en Anglais]. Researchers involved in this project are attempting to determine whether fine-tuning the planning and practice phases of interventions through the use of a 3D model (of a child’s heart) could reduce complications during surgery and speed up the overall process. Learn more about the network’s various projects at *