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20 November 2016

THIS IS THE WORLD CHILD DAY. It is the day when, everywhere in the world, we take the time to celebrate our most precious resource: our children. Not only to give them access to the same rights and freedoms but also to provide them with a healthy future.

17 September 2016

The 2nd edition of Chantal Lacroix and Jimmy Sévigny's "Moi pour Toi" challenge has raised $ 90,499 in order to help pediatric research!

15 August 2016

When Isabelle Héroux was brought to hear about the “Moi pour Toi” Challenge organized by Chantal Lacroix for the benefit of the Foundation of Stars, it was obvious to her that she must register.

08 August 2016

Vous aussi vous pouvez faire la différence!

25 May 2016

All thoughts of the Foundation of Stars are turning to this great man and our support goes to his family.