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COVID-19 : Help advance pediatric research

During this period of crisis linked to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, research takes on its full meaning. It is in the urgency of this pandemic that the Foundation of Stars is launching its first "in-house" campaign by setting up a fundraiser dedicated specifically to research on COVID-19 and infectious diseases.

An emergency campaign

In these times of crisis, we must act now. Accelerating funding for projects in pediatrics on the COVID-19 virus is essential. Researchers currently need to collect data and study the effects on children, newborns and pregnant women.

In these exceptional circumstances, the mobilization of all is necessary to quickly help our pediatric researchers. Your support will allow our researchers to shed light on this virus and find solutions so that this situation does not happen again. To take part in this fundraiser and give according to your means for research against the COVID-19 virus:


Innovative scientific projects are multiplying to deal with the problems triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following approval by our scientific committee, discover our researchers and their projets, who need your precious support.

Our research projects

"Perinatal consequences of COVID-19: Impact on the health of mothers and newborns"

Our researchers: Dr. Arnaud Gagneur, pediatrician in neonatology at the University of Sherbrooke Mother-Child Research Center and project co-director with Dr. I. Boucoiran, project co-director, in collaboration with Dr. J-C. Pasquier, Dr. F. Kakkar and M. Beltempo from the Pediatric Research Centers of McGill, Quebec and Sainte-Justine, the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital and the Jewish General Hospital.

For this emergency campaign, Maripier Morin meets Dr. Arnaud Gagneur, co-director of the project and pediatrician in neonatalogy at University of Sherbrooke Mother-Child Research Center.

Discover her meeting with Dr. Jean-Charles Pasquier, obstetrician-gynecologist and physician-researcher at the University of Sherbrooke Mother-Child Research Center, who tells us about the impact of the virus on mothers and the potential mother-to-child transmission.

In the video below, listen to the exclusive interview between Maripier and Dr. Isabelle Boucoiran, gynecologist-obstetrician at CHU Sainte-Justine, co-director of the research project.

Dr. Alex Carignan, microbiologist infectiologist at the Faculty of Medicine of the CHUS, talks to us about the importance of research against COVID-19 on young children, pregnant women and newborns.

Dr. Julie St-Pierre, pediatric lipidologist, professor at McGill University and Director of the Centre of Excellence Foundation of Stars in Childhood Obesity, shares her daily life at the hospital and her concerns about post-pandemic.

Maripier Morin is meeting Dr. Marc Beltempo, a neonatologist and researcher at Centre universitaire de santé McGill - McGill University Health Centre, to talk about his involvement with our research project.

40% of the goal achieved on our emergency campaign on Covid-19! Maripier Morin joins the entire Foundation of Stars team in expressing her most sincere thanks and encouraging you to continue to put your shoulder to the wheel. The stakes are high and we are counting on you to continue our efforts in order to act now. Every contribution counts, no matter how big or small.

To find out more : please consult the project description.

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Thank you for your support which will allow us to help and act now!