Support research
on childhood diseases

Léo Bouchard

Léo Bouchard has been generously donating for the last four years to the Foundation of Stars in order to help researchers fight children’s diseases.

What was your main motivation to donate?

Research into childhood diseases is a cause that was close to our hearts, my wife and I. Sadly I must speak only of myself now, as my wife passed away three years ago. For me, the desire to help children heal is ever-present. As it was my wife who had the idea to give to the Foundation of Stars in the first place, I wanted to somehow preserve our tradition of giving.

My wife was a nurse and loved children: she worked with them in various hospitals, mainly in Quebec, and she had a special gift caring for them. I was thrilled with the idea of giving the Foundation of Stars, as the fate of sick children touches me deeply.

Unfortunately, we did not have children ourselves, nature wanted otherwise. I feel a sense of pride and happiness thinking that I contribute in my own way for the future of these small beings.

What kind of project would you like the Foundation of Stars launch in the future?

I trust the Foundation of Stars organization, and I am sure that the funds will be distributed wisely. This is also one of the reasons why we chose it. The only thing I expect is that the gifts be used as much as possible to support research into children's diseases.

What advice would you give someone who wants to support a cause?

I would definitely recommend the Foundation of Stars for future donors, because it is a cause that is very close to my own heart. I think it is important to find what your priorities are. For example, in my case, I decided to donate instead of traveling and felt it was my way of saying, "Be brave kids, I support you and I think about you often!