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Bernice Lowe and her granddaughter Sarah

My granddaughter Sarah is only three and a half, but she has already endured more than most of us will have to face in a lifetime...

Today I share my hopes for research advances that will help children like Sarah.She was barely three weeks old when a tumour, a large fast-growing teratoma, was discovered in her brain. You can imagine what a shock the news was for the entire family.

A wonderful medical team managed to remove the tumour. The surgery lasted eight hours.But complications meant that Sarah had to undergo seven more operations, including major reconstructive surgery on her skull. We were told that my granddaughter might never walk or even sit up, and that she may not see or hear.

But she surprised us all!

Today, Sarah walks with the help of an orthosis. She chatters away, although she has trouble expressing her emotions. And she can see,despite difficulty focusing her left eye. But above all, Sarah can count and say the alphabet in English, French and even Spanish, thanks to the cartoon character Dora the Explorer!

I’ve been giving to the Foundation of Stars for so many years because very early on, I learned the importance of medical research for our children. As a child, my son suffered from epilepsy. I’m convinced that medical research helped him overcome this problem. Today, I have a granddaughter who defied the odds, thanks to science! And it is a gift to families like mine to know that people like you continue to support the Foundation.

Every donation in support of our researchers is crucial so long as children like Sarah come into the world with a serious illness. That’s why I invite you to join me in supporting the Foundation of Stars as best you can!

Make a donation today for the well-being of the children who light up our lives.

Bernice Lowe
Happy Grandmother
Donor since 1983