Support research
on childhood diseases

Elise Sansoucy and her daughter Marie-Thaïs

In Québec, thousands of children are waiting for the cure that will change their lives. You can imagine the tremendous hope that their families place in research. This hope motivated Élise to join the Foundation of Stars to remind you that continued support of research on childhood disease is important to save the lives of children like Marie-Thaïs.

“Hospitalized at five months with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, my little girl, Marie-Thaïs, received very strong doses of chemotherapy at first, but they weren’t enough. Then she had access to an experimental treatment of injections by lumbar puncture, but the side effects were too great. So we tried one ultimate option: umbilical cord blood transplant. I know that Marie-Thaïs received the best possible treatment, but it was all too much for her little body. With no strength left, she passed away one month before her third birthday.”

Did you know that the survival rate for acute lymphoblastic leukemia has risen considerably in recent years? Thanks to research, 9 out of 10 children now survive the disease. Yet Marie-Thaïs found herself on the wrong side of this statistic, a painful reminder that some treatments are still not adequate. Although we’ve made progress, much remains to be done.

Research on childhood disease leads to solutions that translate into lives saved. The Foundation supports the most promising projects every year so that effective treatments are developed.

Please, make a gift in memory of Marie-Thaïs today that will enable researchers to continue their work and find effective treatments. By doing so, you will send a message of hope to the families who are counting on research to save or improve the lives of their children.