Support research
on childhood diseases

Samuel, a courageous young artist

Childhood is short and precious. When a child has to sacrifice a part of him to fight against disease, we all feel the horrible injustice of the situation.

In May 2011, when he was only 5 years old, doctors discovered that Samuel was suffering from a brain tumor. Seven months later, he tragically lost sight in his right eye. Since then, physicians have operated on his brain six times, carried out four chemotherapy regimens including an experimental one, without actually countering the tumor growth. In January 2016, Samuel began a fifth chemotherapy protocol and is hoping for success. Since Samuel's disease is very difficult to treat, we know that the road to recovery is still long, but our main hopes are based on research.

Doctors and researchers still have a lot of work to do to understand how brain tumors form and to find the best treatment for each child in their care. This is why it is vital that people continue to support the Foundation of Stars.

"My dearest dream is that one day my tumor disappears and that all sick children get healthy," states Samuel, 10 years old.

For Samuel and all children who must endure pain, injections, surgeries and isolation without losing hope for healing, time is short. And the only way to offer them the gift of time is to support research. That is why we appeal to your kind heart to help us keep our promise to sick children.

"Samuel, please keep your joy in life. You are a source of inspiration for us. We are proud to be the parents of a boy as brave as you. You continue to amaze us with your great strength fighting this disease and also with your talents as a singer and musician!” Samuel’s parents proudly say.