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on childhood diseases

Where do your donations go?

The Foundation of Stars values acting with integrity. Find out how your donations make a difference regarding research on children’s diseases.

Research projects seeking funding from the Foundation of Stars since 2015
The Foundation of Stars supports many research projects that help children grow up healthy. This chart provides an overview of the types of research projects supported since 2015. These involve many students researchers, as well as the research centers they work with.

Amounts of the student scholarships engaged by the Foundation of Stars since 2015.

Each year, the Foundation of Stars and the FRQS presents significant scholarships to students and young professionals engaged in pediatric research. This chart shows you the dollar amounts engaged since 2015.

More than 2 100 000 $ will be given over 4 years by the Foundation of Stars and FRQS to pediatric research!

Read the student’s research projects here