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on childhood diseases

Where do your donations go?

The Foundation of Stars values acting with integrity. Find out how your donations make a difference regarding research on children’s diseases.

Since 2008, the Foundation of Stars has been using the funds it raises to support worthy research projects.

In fact, the Foundation of Stars supports a number of these projects in conjunction with Québec’s 4 major research centres as well as the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS), all with the goal of helping our children grow up healthy! The graph below depicts the types of research projects (183 in total) that have benefited from our support since 2008. Overall, these projects were also made possible by the implication of a vast number of researchers and students from a variety of research centres.

Distribution of gathered funds among Québec research centres

Amounts of the student scholarships engaged by the Foundation of Stars since 2014.

Each year, the Foundation of Stars works with the FRQS to provide students and emerging researchers with major awards designed to help them conduct important pediatric research projects. The graph below depicts the dollar amounts involved.

In total, over $2,210,034 was remitted to 44 awards through the Foundation of Stars and the FRQS’ joint support for pediatric research!

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