Support research
on childhood diseases


The Foundation of Stars supports pediatric research in Québec to help our children grow up healthy.

Josée Saint-Pierre

President and CEO

Each year, hundreds of children die from untreatable diseases; it is an unspeakable injustice. These children who cannot defeat their diseases are our daily inspiration.

However, advancements in science and the speed at which technology is evolving feed our hope and allow no more excuses: why delay the development of treatments and cures against diseases that pediatric medicine has not yet found?

We live in a world where imminent discoveries are about to save children's lives, a world where seeing a child suffer is no longer tolerable.

But government subsidies are decreasing and are not enough. To continue to advance and achieve concrete results, research on childhood diseases needs your support.

We are very grateful to all our benefactors and donors who ensure that the Foundation of Stars remains the largest non-governmental source of funding for research into children's diseases.

I sincerely thank our remarkable team for working every day with passion and determination to help improve the lives of sick children.

I would also like to highlight the work of our dedicated volunteers for the many hours they have devoted to our caurse and thank our generous partners for their essential contribution. Whithout them, it would be impossible to continue to work.

Finally, I would like to thank our researchers whithout whom the mission of the Foundation of Stars could not exist, and I warmly thank our Board of Directors for their outstanding contribution to the development of the Foundation.

Pediatric research makes all the difference, it plays an essential role in the lives of sick children and their families, which resonates most with me.
Maripier Morin, spokesperson

Mariepier Morin is a genuine and spontaneous young woman who shares our goal of helping sick children as well as our core values of integrity, commitment and leadership. Mariepier’s role as our spokesperson includes communicating the need for further pediatric research to a variety of Québecers, promoting the work done by our researchers and supporting the fundraising efforts of our precious volunteers!

A look back at Maripier’s first two years as our spokesperson

“It’s been two years since I became a spokesperson for the Foundation of Stars. Two very emotional years, during which time I’ve been privileged to meet researchers seeking cures for children’s diseases and sick children who today have renewed hope thanks to ongoing developments in pediatric research.

I also took part in various fundraising events, among them the Great Evening of Stars and the Tough Mountie challenge and spaghetti dinner, two activities organized with the help and support of our long-time partner, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

I also helped in a more personal manner, by organizing used clothing sales (vide-dressings) and forming partnerships with brands who believe in the Foundation’s cause.

I have given my all over the past two years to support the Foundation of Stars. My dream? That together, we can give sick children the hope of a healthy future.”

Our Vision

Foundation of Stars drives progress in children’s health research in Canada to increase children’s chances of cures and improved health.

Our values

  • Integrity – We act with openness and honesty.
  • Leadership – We give hope through health and through education.
  • Commitment – We work passionately for children, for researchers and for society.