Support research
on childhood diseases


The Foundation of Stars is composed of a Board of Directors, a permanent staff, specialized consultants, and associate researchers.

Committees of the Board of Directors

  1. Chairperson

    Alain B. Auclair *
    Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking
    UBS Securities Canada Inc.

  2. Vice-President

    Jean-Michel Filiatrault *
    Vice-President, Corporate development

  3. Vice-President

    Roy Bourque * President
    R.P. Bourque Consultant Inc.

  4. Treasurer

    Yves Léveillé *
    Member of Lions Club International

  5. Secretary

    Amélie T. Gouin *
    Senior Associate / Litigation and Arbitration, Corporate Commercial Litigation and Arbitration
    Bordon Ladner Gervais


  1. Anne-Marie Guertin
    Imagia Inc.

  2. Karen Hamelin
    Director, Client Services
    Relation 1

  3. Benoit Crowe
    Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer Novexco

  4. Dr Bruno Piedboeuf
    Officer Axis, Reprodution, mother and youth health CHU de Québec-Université Laval

  5. Dr Jean-Paul Praud, M.D., Ph.D.
    Chercheur et directeur
    Axe Mère-enfant, Centre de recherche du CHUS

  6. Marie-Ève Savard
    Portfolio Manager
    EVA Holdings

  7. Josée Saint-Pierre *
    President & CEO
    Foundation of Stars

  8. Sam Younès
    President and CEO
    Altium Wealth Architecture

  9. Dr Guy Rouleau (Strategy & Research Consultant)
    Associate Director General
    Institut and Neurological Hospital of Montréal

  10. Dr Guillaume Sébire, M.D., Ph.D (Strategy & Research Consultant)
    Child neurologist Clinician scientist Director of Child Neurology Division, Montréal Children's Hospital Professor, McGill University

  11. Jean Tremblay (Honorary Member)
    Vice President, Purchasing and Marketing

*Also members of the Executive Committee

Internal team

  1. Josée Saint-Pierre
    President & CEO

  2. Sylviane Chatel
    Development Director

  3. Sarah Kemerer
    Experiential Director of Fundraising Activities

  4. Anie Beaudoin
    Communications and Events Coordinator

  5. Carole Lalande
    Administrative Assistant

  6. Carole McDermott
    Coordinator, Data Management and Donor Services

  7. Mireille Vaillant
    Chief Accounting


Each year, the Foundation of Stars can count on interns from all over the world to help the permanent team. Since 2014, we regularly offer internship opportunities lasting several months that allow interns to dive into the heart of the Foundation's events and to actively participate in fundraising activities.

This type of contract helps interns to strengthen their professional skills and facilitates their integration into the workplace. On the Foundation's side, hosting interns helps strengthen the team with multiple skills, depending on the profiles recruited.

Vous êtes intéressés par la possibilité d'un stage au sein de l'équipe de la Fondation des étoiles ? Contactez Sylviane Chatel, à l'adresse courriel suivante :