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on childhood diseases

Denise Bukacheski: Involved & Dedicated Volunteer

Denise is a Volunteer for the Foundation of Stars since 4 years now. Her involvement and generosity are a source of uplifting inspiration!

Denise decided to volunteer because giving back to society is a human value which is close to her heart. She is aware of the many needs, and wants to get involved in a cause that is aligned with her own values.

Back then when she decided to volunteer, her boss Bernard Roy was Co-Chair of the Fundraising Campaign for the Golf Tournament, a major event for the Foundation of Stars during many years. The Foundation team was present at the meetings of the Organizing Committee. This is how Denise met Nathalie Deslauriers, Olivia Woerly and Katharina Bourgin, "a great team which involved her immediately within the process." She also had a crush for the mission and the "quality and diversity of their fundraising activities." Eager to help raising funds for research on childhood diseases, she has therefore decided to get involved within the Foundation of Stars.

Denise has thus participated in many activities over the years: Golf Tournament, Éloite Ball Dance, Spaghetti Luncheon, Wine Auctions, “Moi pour Toi” Challenge, Pop-up Art & Wine, Banquet on Mars...

She also had the opportunity to meet personalities such as Mario Tessier, Herby Moreau and Isabelle Racicot.

But it is precisely this souvenir which she keeps within her mind: "During the years between 1980 and 1990, I worked at Hydro-Quebec. In those days, my boss received a letter about the Golf Tournament and, in the photo, I saw the horses of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I told myself how much I would like to be there... Life circumstances made my dream come true 30 years later, and I was there. I shall never forget my feeling of pride to be there with representatives of the RCMP. Coincidentally, I was even photographed next to the horses. Seeing the golf players move along to the sound of bagpipes, it was really magical, very impressive and truly unique."

Denise has the feeling of being truly "useful and appreciated." Indeed, her suggestions for improving the working methods are considered. More than a volunteer, she is an integral part of the Foundation of Stars.

For several years, she has also supported other organizations in the field of health services, because this is a mission that is specifically close to her heart.

The Foundation of Stars warmly thanks Denise, a generous and motivated volunteer. We are proud to be able to rely on her participation and we hope she will carry on the adventure with us for many years to come!

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