Support research
on childhood diseases

Gérard Maurice Bensaid, Foundation governor and ambassador

Foundation: How long have you supported the Foundation of Stars in a volunteer capacity or as a governor?

Mr. Bensaid: I have been a Foundation of Stars governor since 1977. Needless to say, they have been wonderful years.

Foundation: What prompted you to become involved with the Foundation of Stars?

Mr. Bensaid: My understanding of the dire need for further funding of pediatric research!

Foundation: What is your fondest memory of your role as a volunteer/governor?

Mr. Bensaid: The highlight of my active support of the Foundation is without a doubt the opportunity of seeing first-hand the enthusiastic participation of over 4,000 volunteers giving countlessly of their time, day and night. Even more exciting? Hearing the stories of children who had been cured (often from “uncurable” diseases) thanks to pediatric research.

Foundation: Why did you decide to give of your time to the Foundation of Stars?

Mr. Bensaid: The impact I could make. The impact of all of my efforts, my sacrifices, became obvious during our governors’ meetings, where we heard scientists speak of exciting findings and the progress made in fields that were both complex and varied.

The funds gathered over the years have been allocated to allow for further progress. Giving back for such a worthy cause is a manifestation of everything that we were put on this earth to do!

I would like, in the near future, to see more people supporting the Foundation of Stars and helping us with every aspect of our fundraising.

Research scientists desperately need our moral and financial support! It is incredibly difficult to helplessly stand by and watch young children suffer from dreaful diseases... Research can and will help them!

Gérard Maurice Bensaid
Foundation governor and ambassador (1977)
Former president of the CIVITAN CLUB (since 1972)