Support research
on childhood diseases

Ghislain Leblanc

A Volunteer for the Foundation of Stars for 25 years, his involvement has earned him the title of "Honorary Governor" in 2008! With his determination, he has amassed more than $1 million for research into children's diseases!

How can we describe the exemplary commitment of a volunteer of Mr. Leblanc’s character in just a few paragraphs!!!

From the Gaspésie, Mr. Leblanc quickly learned to seek out people and raise money for a very important cause: research into children's diseases. In 1988, during the intermission of a boxing fundraising event gala that involved his son, the crowd was introduced to a seven year old child suffering from terminal cancer and asked the audience to help sick children. It was a trigger for Mr. Leblanc, who decided to give half of the money raised at the gala immediately to the cause.

Over the next few years, he started selling "scratch" cards which allowed him to raise amounts from $3,500 to $5,000 per year during this period. Over time, his volunteer hours increased, and so did the amounts collected, from $6,000 to $32,000 / year, in a very short time. He was also a regular participant of the Telethon of Stars.

Mr. Leblanc is a courageous, dedicated and generous man who does never counts volunteer hours and even takes time during his vacations to solicit his entourage for the cause. He is always ready to find new fundraising ideas for sick children: the sale of various promotional items throughout Quebec, including his native Gaspé; organizing country evenings and spaghetti lunches - especially in Lachine; fashion shows, etc. Donors follow him, encourage him and support him by giving to the Foundation of Stars.

Named an "Honorary Governor" in 2008, it was in the fall of 2012 that he fulfilled a big dream, a big goal - to reach one million dollars! He devoted all his energy to convince those around him, mainly with a smile, but sometimes with insistence, to continue to raise money for research into childhood diseases.

At each of his frequent visits, he surprised us by giving us a donation. This summer, for example, his fundraising campaign in the Gaspésie allowed him to raise $ 9,324! We wish him all the best to reach the $ 2 million mark!