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Isabelle Chassé - long-time volunteer

Isabelle Chassé is a dedicated volunteer who takes great pleasure in organizing activities to benefit pediatric research! She has been committed and involved with the Foundation of Stars since 1998 alongside her uncle, who, in 2010, took over the leadership of the Centre de Drummonville to continue his mission of giving hope to sick children and their families. Isabelle is a wonderful example of generosity with her dedication, proving that small things can sometimes change the course of big ones!

Why are you so devoted to the Foundation of Stars?

I started to get involved because children’s health is close to my heart. My uncle was a model of generosity and devotion to me! It is centers like his that are at the heart of the Telethon, which allowed the very creation of the Foundation of Stars! When he left his position, it was quite logical for me to take over because I had already been involved there for years.

What project are you most proud of?

The project I'm most proud of is the special evening for children organised for the benefit of the Foundation of Stars, at the Autodrome Granby . We will enjoy the 3rd edition on June 27th and I cannot wait to unveil all our surprises for our guests. A few years ago, I never thought to do this kind of event, but thanks to all the help I got over time, we managed to create something unique and enjoyable. Finally, if everyone gives a little time, we can go far! This event is a perfect example of that!

What is your best memory as a volunteer?

I have several, but the one that touched me the most was last year: during our event at the Granby Autodrome, we planned to bring all the children who wanted to come on the track to say the famous phrase “Gentlemen! Start your engines, “that starts the race. The turnout was much higher than we expected: there was easily between 100 and 150 children on the track. I was choked up and it touched me deeply!

What advice do you give to someone who wants to volunteer for the Foundation of Stars?

If children’s health calls to your heart and you have a little time to give, do not hesitate to get involved! You could save the life of a child! Any small project can be implemented and become great, I have seen it myself. What matters is that you want to do something that will be a success both personally and in connection to the research. This way, you'll never lose!

Each volunteer helps bring smiles to these sick children and their families. This can be the result of a single event, done over a few hours, or more depending on opportunities and what you want to accomplish. If, like Isabella, you want to help, do not hesitate and join our team of volunteers! Whatever the degree of your involvement, rest assured it will have a major impact with the children!

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