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on childhood diseases

Jennifer St-Laurent, a big-hearted volunteer

How long have you been volunteering for the Foundation of Stars?
I have been a volunteer for over 13 years. I started as soon as I started working at the CHUS research centre with Dr. Jean-Paul Praud as director. Initially, I was involved in the Foundation of stars bicycle fundraising activity for 3 years. Afterwards, I was involved with the call centres during the telethons.

What is your role in the Foundation?
My role is to act as a bridge between the researchers at my research centre, in other words the scientific community, and the people at the Foundation of Stars. I seek to maintain the relationship and support the fundraising activities that are put forward for our region.

Why this volunteer commitment?
I enjoy being involved with the Foundation of Stars because I am confident that the funds raised will be used to support researchers in my region. On a daily basis, I see how these funds are a real springboard for our researchers. They must constantly compete for increasingly scarce research funds. Also, I know that the staff of the Foundation of Stars is dedicated: they truly believe in the cause of sick children. It is always very rewarding to work with passionate people who have become colleagues and friends over the years.

What is your favourite memory as a volunteer?
My most beautiful memories are those related to the "Encan des vins de Sherbrooke" where I have a lot of fun with the other volunteers. I love getting involved during this evening. I also feel very honoured to be part of the organizing committee for this event.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to volunteer?
Choose a cause that is close to your heart, but above all choose a team that suits you and makes you want to get involved. Volunteering, in my opinion, should be easy when it comes from the heart.

Thank you for your confidence, Jennifer. Do you have one last anecdote to share with us?
I remember one year when we did the Foundation of Stars mega-bike activity in Sherbrooke. According to the route, we had to climb the hill from King West Street to downtown Sherbrooke and the chain of the mega-bike had broken. We had broken down in the middle of King Hill! It's a beautiful memory.

Jennifer St-Laurent
Coordinator of the Mother-Child Research Axis at CRCHUS
Generous volunteer for the Foundation of Stars