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Roy Bourque

Involved from an early age in causes related to health, 1986 saw Roy Bourque joining the Kinsmen Association for a period of over ten years and then in the early 90s, our Foundation was privileged to add him to our team as Governor.

He successively held posts as a member of the Board of Directors and Vice President before becoming President, work with heavy workloads that he has mastered without neglecting his other charitable commitments.

From 1977 to 2009, he assumed the position of Chairman of the organizing committee of the Telethon of Stars and was responsible for recruiting and motivating hundreds of volunteers across the province of Quebec. He worked tirelessly and with great conviction during the 32 years that the telethon lasted. He was also able to renew the Telethon concept several times to make it a huge success.

"We are convinced that without his continued contribution to the Foundation of Stars, leading researchers in pediatrics Quebec would have never been able to start so many research projects to improve the health of thousands of children ... across the province.", explains Josée Saint-Pierre, President & CEO of the Foundation of Stars. She adds:

Roy Bourque is, for all of us, a man involved and a man of action, with a huge heart!

Graziano Iampetro, one of the volunteers recruited by Roy Bourque more than 20 years ago, considers that: “Roy is very generous and always ready to help! His implication was enormous: he could work up to 12 or 16 hours a day. He knew how to motivate people and help them to strive to do better. We were a very tight group of volunteers and we have been friends ever since.”

Today, Mr. Bourque is involved with the Foundation of Stars in many ways including corporate events and other fundraising activities, or helping us to develop new partnerships. He still has the same goal: success for the mission of the Foundation of Stars for a healthy future for all children!

The Foundation of Stars thanks him for 35 years with us and honors him with this recognition of his services. We look forward to him continuing his work with us in the same beautiful spirit for many years to come.